Stuart Hamilton
Sales Training and Support

I help with :
  • Sales Strategy
  • Sales Enablement
  • Business Development
  • Account Management
  • Sales Channels

If you need help with your sales planning, or you have a sales team that needs support or guidance, then I can provide straightforward, meaningful training based on my own 45 years' experience as a salesperson and regional manager. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible so that you can see immediate improvements in performance, regardless of your own previous experience in selling.


Many small businesses are very good at what they do, but not necessarily good at selling their products or services. During my sales career, I benefited from numerous excellent training courses delivered by top quality companies with global reach. However, I always believed that the material could be condensed into simple steps that would help small businesses in particular, which might not have the resources to establish professional sales teams. My approach is always to provide straightforward training that enables business owners and/or salespeople to gain confidence when selling, to manage opportunities effectively and to analyse their own performance so that they can address any issues and improve.

Location and language :

  • Europe/London
  • English


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