About Us

Innovation Experts is the go-to online place to grow your business. Our community of coaches, consultants, and mentors can help you overcome business challenges. They will help create, develop and accelerate your business growth with the support you need when you need it. Uxl founders Michael Kearns and Jim Dearie have worked with thousands of business leaders and know the frustrations of accessing sound advice at a time and format that suits you. 

Uxl has supported individuals and businesses of all sizes to succeed with practical, innovative approaches since 2002. It has created this online platform to give you the support you need, packaged quickly and easily to use when you need it. 

The platform is available on-demand and gives business leaders access to resources and experts with the flexibility to work online with an unrivalled immediacy. You can contact an expert directly and book a time slot that suits you or discuss your requirements with one of our platform curators. 


We know that everyone can innovate. Whether you are exploring future opportunities or reacting to a crisis, we can help you develop new products and services, adapt your business models and improve processes to deliver more success. Adaptability is the key to a sustainable business, and we can help you develop capabilities and strategies and execute projects. 

We understand and greatly appreciate the critical role of government and economic development organisations, local authorities, Business Gateways, Growth Hubs, Universities, and Accelerators play in supporting business creation and growth support to businesses. Uxl has successfully delivered a variety of business strategy and innovation support services in Scotland, Northern Ireland, and England. We have created this platform to enable support agencies to enhance their customer offering and get a bigger bang for their buck more efficiently, helping individuals, teams and established businesses. 

We have championed business innovation and growth for over 20 years and continue to work with individuals, pre-revenue teams, and established businesses in all sectors, including social enterprises. Working directly with companies and in partnership with business support organisations across the UK has enabled us to develop skills and tools to stimulate and support innovation across all sectors. This platform aims to share that knowledge and expertise through our professional community of innovation experts.