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Eilidh Nimmo
I work with clients to help them create and deliver high-preforming marketing strategies that include everything from branding, social media, and website and app development. As part of Generation Z and the owner of a growing full-service digital agency with clients across the UK and Europe, I can offer a unique insight into the current digital landscape and can help you identify and build a fully bespoke roadmap to success that is data driven and goal-orientated.
Marketing, Branding & Web Design
Gill Joy
The public sector tendering process is a common route to market but it can be complicated. My team at Intend can help you make sense of tendering procedures and make sure you produce winning bids to grow your business.
Public sector and Supply chain tendering support
Jim McDade
I believe that you, the person, are at the heart of your business. If you are feeling empowered; if you enjoy peace of mind, clarity and confidence; then your business will thrive. Similarly, if the business is running smoothly, then you will be happier and more fulfilled. Your business and personal life are bound together. That is the approach I take as a coach. I have the experience, skills and resources to help you to find certainty, purpose and direction in all areas of your life; empowering you to define and initiate your own changes.
Life Enhancement Coaching for Business and Wellbeing
Iain Robertson
A short meeting with me will help you to decide if R&D Tax Credits are a suitable way for you to get extra cash into your business. Over the years I've found that there's lot's of misinformation out there ranging from 'you can claim for anything and nobody checks' to 'it's only for advanced technology firms and if you try to make a claim you could be in deep trouble with HMRC'. The scheme is actually available to many - but not all - SMEs. Come and have a chat with me and we can explore whether your company is eligible.
Business Funding, with a focus on R&D tax credits
John McCormick
People often ask me… ‘What can a mentor or coach do for me?’ The answer is simple… Mentoring and coaching can help you to achieve anything that you want in your personal and professional life.
Growth Mentor
Jeremy Birnie, Crinan Technology
If you need to expand your development capability to meet new challenges or are struggling with delays then I can help to provide cost effective solutions. From my broad engineering experience I can deliver bespoke solutions that deliver value immediately and long term sustainable changes that will maximise value of your product development.
Product Development and Growth

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This platform guide covers the individual areas of the platform that are available to experts. Here you will find video & text guidance to these areas, and the features contained within them. Check out the index page at the start of the program to see if your query or issue has been covered. This guide is updated incrementally each week.

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