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Elaine Baxter Boutique Innovation
I help clients on the journey from concept to insights, ideas, prototyping, test and implementation through a series of engagements which can include research, 1-1 sessions, workshops, co-creation exercises, focus groups and more. I make sure that clients learn a lot on the journey and teach them to be self sufficient for innovating in the future.
Innovation acceleration through human centred design
Jeremy Birnie, Crinan Technology
If you need to expand your development capability to meet new challenges or are struggling to grow from your development strategy then I can help. From my extensive engineering experience I can deliver bespoke solutions to support ongoing sustainable changes that will maximise the value of your product development strategy and planning.
Product & technology development and growth
Andy Maclachlan - Food2Market
Are you a food & drink business looking to establish a retail, food service or export listing or perhaps you already have a listing and want to build upon this taking your accounts to the next level? With over 70 years combined experience we have the knowledge and background to help you target those customers, identifying your value proposition and what’s required to take a product to market. We will help you understand costs to produce and costs to serve, targeted margins and how to maximise capacities and build in efficiencies. We can support you with gap analysis, NPD process management and putting robust logistics plans in place before presenting your brand to buyers as a key partner. Strengthening the relationship is key, and we can help you make sure you are delivering the 4 R's of account management, Responsive, Responsible, Respected & Relevant.
Food & Drink | Preparing To Meet A Buyer | NPD Management |
Stuart Hamilton
If you need help with your sales planning, or you have a sales team that needs support or guidance, then I can provide straightforward, meaningful training based on my own 45 years' experience as a salesperson and regional manager. I believe in keeping things as simple as possible so that you can see immediate improvements in performance, regardless of your own previous experience in selling.
Sales Training and Support
Michael Kearns, Uxl
My engineering training and experience are at the core of my approach to working with clients—practical tools to get jobs done. I combine exploiting what you have with exploring what is possible to help you achieve growth for yourself and your business.
Business Model and Value Proposition Design
Jim Dearie, Uxl Ltd
Most successful organisations regularly engage with coaches, mentors and consultants to help set direction, drive growth and improve performance. I know it’s not always easy to seek or find external help, however, this platform makes it a cinch to leverage expert support for you and your team, when you need it to boost your performance. Take your first tentative steps and book a quick half-hour chat to see what I can do for you. Since 2002 I have worked with many business leaders in most sectors and helped them: develop business growth and export strategies; create and adapt business models; build innovation capabilities to overcome business challenges; and scope R&D projects and submit applications for grant funding.
Business Development & Growth

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