Elaine Baxter Boutique Innovation
Innovation acceleration through human centred design

I help with :
  • Design Thinking
  • Value Propositions
  • Business Model Design
  • Research
  • Innovation Strategy

More about me

I help clients on the journey from concept to insights, ideas, prototyping, test and implementation through a series of engagements which can include research, 1-1 sessions, workshops, co-creation exercises, focus groups and more. I make sure that clients learn a lot on the journey and teach them to be self sufficient for innovating in the future.


I am passionate about helping my clients to achieve a better outcome than they would if working alone. I know that even with a short coaching engagement together, they can achieve a disproportionate return on that time invested and deliver improved results for their business. The range of sectors that I've worked in over the years (FMCG, Pharma, Drinks, Energy, Utilities, Construction, Learning and Development) means I have a broad understanding of how innovation works in many areas. I have worked internationally with large corporates and locally with small start ups. Getting a good outcome for my clients, regardless of size, is what drives me on!

Location and language :

  • Europe/London
  • English


  • 16
  • Edinburgh University
  • 2005