Jim McDade
Life Enhancement Coaching for Business and Wellbeing

I help with :
  • Well Being
  • Culture
  • Growth Mindset
  • Problem Solving
  • Creativity

I believe that you, the person, are at the heart of your business. If you are feeling empowered; if you enjoy peace of mind, clarity and confidence; then your business will thrive. Similarly, if the business is running smoothly, then you will be happier and more fulfilled. Your business and personal life are bound together. That is the approach I take as a coach. I have the experience, skills and resources to help you to find certainty, purpose and direction in all areas of your life; empowering you to define and initiate your own changes.


Maintaining success in business alongside sustaining your own needs and values can feel like a tricky balancing act. Sometimes one or the other can suffer, if both are not attended to with insight and nurturing. Many successful people are plagued by self-doubt or worry and waste a lot of energy hiding this. If you struggle with certain aspects of your role, your confidence or your health – you can begin to feel burdened. You may start to lack motivation or enthusiasm; and at worst, your mental wellbeing can suffer. If you are someone who recognises the need to simultaneously look after both your personal and work life; is open to trying a different approach and moving forward with confidence and purpose; then I would love to work with you. By taking a full overview of your life, I can help you understand where you are. Then you can grow from a place of insight and vision, with a better sense of purpose and direction. Coaching puts you in control, so that you can more successfully guide yourself through any obstacles and difficulties My unique approach to coaching and training developed from the breadth and depth of success and experience I have achieved over the years. As an arts graduate with a BA in painting, I followed this with a Post Graduate in Education and spent many years as a teacher in various settings. I went on to study with The Coaching Academy in London and also in Hypnotherapy with the LCCH. Combining these approaches and working with hundreds of people over the years in the area which I call Life Enhancement, has been inspiring, rewarding and joyful.

Location and Language:

  • Europe/London
  • English


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