Jane Milroy
International Trade, Strategy Development and Marketing

I help with :
  • Research
  • Value Propositions
  • Export Management
  • Brand Development
  • Partnering

Developing a business into international markets is an exciting and appealing growth strategy for many businesses but the road to meaningful and most importantly, profitable international trade can be tricky to navigate successfully. Drawing on my extensive experience in international sales and marketing I work with companies to help them establish a clear and actionable international strategy and plan to deliver on their international ambitions.


I use my own hands on experience in international sales and marketing to work with companies developing a tailored approach to their exporting journey based on their ambition and available resources. Additionally, ten years of supporting companies both large and small to enter new international markets has given me a huge insight into the challenges they can encounter and I have developed a range of techniques, approaches and workshop formats to address both practical and strategic issues that may arise. I am also able to advise and guide companies, both importers and exporters, through the many complexities associated with the UK's departure from the EU.

Location and language :

  • Europe/London
  • English, Deutsch


  • 30
  • University of Edinburgh
  • 1988