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A short meeting with me will help you to decide if R&D Tax Credits are a suitable way for you to get extra cash into your business. Over the years I've found that there's lot's of misinformation out there ranging from 'you can claim for anything and nobody checks' to 'it's only for advanced technology firms and if you try to make a claim you could be in deep trouble with HMRC'. The scheme is actually available to many - but not all - SMEs. Come and have a chat with me and we can explore whether your company is eligible.


It's frustrating to see so many companies missing out on schemes that could help them, and yet that's what they do. Let's face it, nobody sets up a business (except presumably an accountant) because they want to spend their time understanding tax and funding possibilities. I have spent the last 20 years working in Business Support, both freelancing and within a number of different organisations. My time is spent helping businesses and especially SMEs in Scotland to thrive. Often this has included helping them to access the right funding from both public and private sector sources. About 5 years ago I discovered the government's R&D tax credits scheme, and the first client I referred received a very substantial cash injection from HMRC. (The average claim for SMEs in Scotland is £51K.) After seeing this happen several times, I moved into this field and since then I have been able to help many companies receive a vital cash boost. The combination of a back ground in writing software for technology and finance companies, and years of writing funding applications has left me well placed to understand potential R&D claims and how to communicate them in language that is appropriate for HMRC. To date, every claim I have been involved in has been successful and has resulted in tax saved or repaid.

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