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Jane Milroy
Developing a business into international markets is an exciting and appealing growth strategy for many businesses but the road to meaningful and most importantly, profitable international trade can be tricky to navigate successfully. Drawing on my extensive experience in international sales and marketing I work with companies to help them establish a clear and actionable international strategy and plan to deliver on their international ambitions.
International Trade, Strategy Development and Marketing
Gill Joy
The public sector tendering process is a common route to market but it can be complicated. My team at Intend can help you make sense of tendering procedures and make sure you produce winning bids to grow your business.
Public sector and Supply chain tendering support
Elaine Baxter Boutique Innovation
I help clients on the journey from concept to insights, ideas, prototyping, test and implementation through a series of engagements which can include research, 1-1 sessions, workshops, co-creation exercises, focus groups and more. I make sure that clients learn a lot on the journey and teach them to be self sufficient for innovating in the future.
Innovation acceleration through human centred design