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Nicola Hanssen - Hensikt Consulting Ltd
Most businesses will need to adjust what they do and why they do it as a result of the pandemic. If you are a business owner, board, CEO or senior manager, I can help you reaffirm the core purpose of your business, explore your redesign options, help understand and reach customers and work on how to manage the transition. Companies who proactively seek to address these challenges early will have a much higher chance of sustainability and success.
Helping companies harness purpose to thrive and succeed.
Jim McDade
I believe that you, the person, are at the heart of your business. If you are feeling empowered; if you enjoy peace of mind, clarity and confidence; then your business will thrive. Similarly, if the business is running smoothly, then you will be happier and more fulfilled. Your business and personal life are bound together. That is the approach I take as a coach. I have the experience, skills and resources to help you to find certainty, purpose and direction in all areas of your life; empowering you to define and initiate your own changes.
Life Enhancement Coaching for Business and Wellbeing
John McCormick
People often ask me… ‘What can a mentor or coach do for me?’ The answer is simple… Mentoring and coaching can help you to achieve anything that you want in your personal and professional life.
Growth Mentor
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