Derek Gamble
Business Exit Strategies

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  • Business Strategy

 Derek Gamble is a highly successful serial entrepreneur and director with over 35 years of experience leading, growing, and diversifying numerous successful organisations. Throughout his career, he has started, built, and sold three thriving businesses in the distribution, construction, and property sectors. Additionally, he has invented, patented, and successfully commercialised two innovative products, one in the construction industry and an award-winning retail product.


Derek's extensive experience spans various industries and sectors. As a serial entrepreneur and director, he has successfully started, built, and sold three distribution, construction, and property businesses. He has demonstrated his innovative mindset by inventing, patenting, and commercialising two highly successful products. His expertise lies in driving business growth, process improvement, profit increase, and maximising value for owners through strategic exit strategies. He specialises in the Construction, Distribution, Oil & Gas, and Food & Drink sectors. Derek is known for his clear and analytical thinking, excellent communication skills, effective problem-solving abilities, and talent for building strong teams. He is focused on delivering creative approaches that drive bottom-line improvements. Derek adopts a people-centred and collaborative approach while strongly focusing on achieving results.

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  • Europe/London
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