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The creation of adaptable, resilient business models that enable firms to compete and grow over the long-term is the commercial driver for innovation. New products, services, business models, process, as well as capabilities and cultures all fall into our definition of organisational innovation. It’s a growth mindset that looks beyond today’s plate spinning and aims at better exploiting current opportunities, while exploring future possibilities pro-actively in the medium to long-term. Every business can do it. We have been supporting business with innovation and growth projects for almost 20 years. We are part of the business support ecosystem in Scotland and have developed relationships with a wide range of associates to deliver services directly to business across all sectors and in partnership with public sector support networks.  

In UK and Europe there are support networks set up to stimulate and encourage business innovation, competitiveness, productivity and growth. Support ecosystems are resource constraint and self-limiting due to capacity, capabilities and funding availability from regional and central government. This has led to various segmentation strategies over the last 30 years that enables scare resources (funding) to be ‘invested’ in ‘winners’ based on economic impact criteria. With support those winners have the capability to deliver ‘additional” economic gains that justify the intervention strategies. However, they only scratch the surface of the business base. The UK government ONS estimated that in 2019 there were almost 6 million private sector business with combined turnover of £4Tn. While around 75% of these businesses don’t have employees the SME segment with employees is vibrant and has 1.4m firm with a combined turnover of £2.2Tn.  

As employment patterns continue their relentless from larger to smaller enterprises, business made up of only the owner has seen the greatest growth since 2000.  


The third sector in the UK has 200,000 charities employing around 900,000 people, many of which rely on some 21m volunteers annually. This market is growing with more than 5000 new registrations every year and more are used by government to deliver local services. While the vast majority are small there are a few very few large charities. Only 1.3% of the charities have a turnover in excess of £5m. 

What if a business owner or leader in any sector that wanted or needed help from experts on a structured or ad-hoc basis could get support instantly? Owning and leading a small or micro business can be a lonely place, with support often sought from family and friends. How could easy access to experts influence owner’s ambition, confidence and boost business performance. What impact could that have on local, regional and national economies? I’m sure a smart economist would take great pleasure in modelling the impact.  

Commercial pressures on the businesses and social enterprises is about to cranked up to a whole new level with continued pandemic restrictions, the threat of a second wave of infections and the imminent termination of the Covid-19 Job Retention Scheme in October. KPMG suggest the UK economy is enduring the most severe economic downturn in modern times with GDP predicted to fall by 7.2% in 2020 before rising by 2.8% in 2021. The end of the Brexit transition period currently set at 31st December could result in a further contraction in Q1 2021.  

During the lockdown the traditional ecosystem has pivoted from supporting development and growth to survival mode, helping target clients to access government ‘resilience’ funding programmes. Post lockdown the requirement to support businesses of all sizes survive, revive and thrive will be greater than ever. To support a significantly larger number of businesses we believe there’s room for an innovative channel that connects those businesses directly with experts that can coach, mentor or consult at a time most suit to the business owner.  

Business Innovation & Growth Experts is a new digital platform that aims to democratize support for business. No bureaucracy or red tape. No qualification criteria, segmentation or priority sectors. A simple platform where you can easily find experts relevant to your needs and book them instantly. If you can’t find one that suits, we’ll work with you and add new experts. You’ll have immediate access to information and knowledge to support key business decisions. There are no long-term commitments unless that’s what you need. You can directly access experts' diaries and book meetings at a time that suits you and pay by the hour. We have created the platform to use best practice digital tools including managing online meetings. This lowers costs of support, improves productivity for all and will contribute to a significant reduction in carbon emissions. Until a vaccine is widely available it will also support the government’s efforts to manage the pandemic by reducing the probability of the virus spreading through normal business activities. 

By democratizing business support and leveraging-in expertise we believe we can build a community of business users and experts that complements existing support ecosystems and helps businesses of all sizes compete and grow locally, nationally and internationally.  

Join our innovation community and grow with us!

Jim Dearie, Uxl Ltd
Jim Dearie, Uxl Ltd
Business Development & Growth

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