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I help with :
  • Value Propositions
  • NPD Management
  • Category Gap Analysis
  • Business Strategy
  • Account Management
  • Sales Channels

More about me

Are you a food & drink business looking to establish a retail, food service or export listing or perhaps you already have a listing and want to build upon this taking your accounts to the next level? With over 70 years combined experience we have the knowledge and background to help you target those customers, identifying your value proposition and what’s required to take a product to market. We will help you understand costs to produce and costs to serve, targeted margins and how to maximise capacities and build in efficiencies. We can support you with gap analysis, NPD process management and putting robust logistics plans in place before presenting your brand to buyers as a key partner. Strengthening the relationship is key, and we can help you make sure you are delivering the 4 R's of account management, Responsive, Responsible, Respected & Relevant.


With previous experience as a Trading Manager and Buyer working with some of the UK's top 5 retailers and now as a Sales Director representing key brands, I have an uncommon breadth and depth of knowledge and experience to help guide your business through presenting NPD and gaining a listing, growing your accounts and increasing your presence as Category Captains. By tailoring an approach to fit your requirements I ensure you gain an in depth knowledge and understanding while increasing your capability giving you more confidence when planning your next steps. In addition at Food2Market we have developed many successful programmes from accelerating growth, for start ups, to strategy planning for key brands and robust NPD process management, enabling us to share key tools and experiences to best effect.

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